Reliable Custom Parts

We believe that a product is only as good as the sum of its parts. That’s why we fabricate components that fit seamlessly into your comprehensive product, save you money, and do exactly what they need to do. All our stages, from initial concept to production, are thoroughly communicated and sent to you for review to make sure we’re on track to achieve your goals. Check out the steps in our process below to learn more.

Step 1


When you bring a request to our team, we’re able to create a quick physical mockup for your evaluation. Based on that evaluation, we’ll take this concept and use it to inform the next step of our process.

Step 2


Our engineering team and CAD technicians work to design the most efficient and robust solution for your production request. We run digital simulations to make sure our designs can withstand the rigors of your process function. These simulations allow us to identify the specs of the most cost-effective material needed to perform safely and effectively.

Step 3


Once you approve the digital designs, our team creates a complete prototype for field testing. We’ll send you the prototype so you can make sure it performs as intended within the environment you’ll need it to withstand.

Step 4


After testing is complete and the prototype is approved, it’s time to launch the production stage. We complete build fixtures based on the CAD data and the approved physical sample to make sure all production products perform the same as the tested prototype. 

If your product requires validation and calibration checks, we also design and build check fixtures to verify the tools will continue to perform correctly throughout the life of the program.

Solutions that Fit

We’d love to work with your team to create any parts or tools you need to get the job done. Get in touch with us and let’s get to work.